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Great for learning on, a foam boards, softboards or soft surfboards are the ones generally used by beginners. They are hard wearing, safer to fall on and have a lot of buoyancy so easier to catch small waves on. Simply put, they are a great way of getting an introduction to surfing at a lower cost. Built to be more buoyant and stable, they help new surfers establish good technique and confidence. Pretty much an essential part of any surf family 's quiver, there is always need for a permanent addition of a foam surfboard to any quiver.

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Rocket Fish

Short, full-bodied with boxy rails and loads of volume, the Rocket Fish will glide over fatter sections and will turn on a dime. Volume: 4'8": 29L

Vision TakeOff Surfboard

For those looking to step up, the Vision TakeOff is the ultimate in soft board performance. Ramped-up cores give dramatically increased volume and stiffness for greater stability and paddle power in more challenging waves.

Sola soft surfboards

Sola soft boards help you catch waves early and with ease